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Colorado’s Highest: The History of Naming the 14,000-Foot Peaks

We are back in stock...the 2nd printing has arrived! Available on Amazon and from your local Colorado bookstore. This may be John Fielder's finest history book since the popular Colorado 1870-2000 series of W.H. Jackson repeat photography books. Author Jeri Norgren has written fascinating text about just how the names were chosen for the 58 highest mountains in Colorado, and who first climbed them. Through extensive research of the early days of mining in Colorado, and the voluminous records of the Hayden Surveys of Colorado in the 1870s, Norgren has written what may prove to be a classic Colorado history book. But it's not only words, it's Fielder's photographs of the fourteeners, many never before published, Robert L. Wogrin's sublime oil paintings and sketches, and the historical sketches made in the 1870s by the artists of the Hayden Survey. These men climbed the peaks and sketched the mountains from on high. Hardcover, 160 pages, 12" x 9"
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