Biography For Event Planners

John Fielder is a nationally renowned nature photographer, publisher, teacher, and environmentalist. He is the photographer of more than 40 coffee table, guide, and children’s books, all about Colorado. He might be best known for creating Colorado’s best-selling book ever, Colorado: 1870 – 2000, which juxtaposes historic photographer William Henry Jackson’s images of the 19th-century landscape with those of today.

Fielder has worked tirelessly to promote the protection of Colorado’s open space and wildlands. His photography has influenced people and legislation earning him recognition including the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award, the University of Denver’s Daniel L. Ritchie Award, the Distinguished Service Award from the University of Colorado, and he received an honorary degree in Sustainability Studies from Colorado Mountain College. He was an original governor-appointed member of the lottery-related Board of Great Outdoors Colorado, and speaks to thousands of people each year to rally support for timely land-use and environmental issues.

He lives in Summit County, Colorado and teaches photography workshops to adults and children.

Click here to download a high resolution photo of John (as seen above).

John Fielder Book & Calendar Sales

John does not charge a fee to present slide shows to charitable non-profit organizations. Book sales are a way for him to cover some of the travel costs. More importantly, people have come to expect John to have books available for sale, especially in the fall for holiday gift-giving! If your organization can use the money, and you are a humanitarian or environmental non-profit, we are happy to share proceeds with you.

Tell John ( 2 weeks prior how many people you expect at the event and we will have proper quantities by title prepared for you. John typically brings the books with him to the event, and will take leftovers home. Sometimes we ship books to you prior to the event. Give John an address for the payment check before he departs.

John will bring to the event price sheets (that include sales taxes) and iPads for credit card sales. His assistant supervises sales at most events, however, we usually need a volunteer or two to assist. We also take cash and checks (made to John Fielder Publishing). We provide cash box and change. John arrives one hour before show time to instruct iPad use and to set up A/V. We prefer books be available for sale at least 30 minutes before the slide show and after, when most sales occur. John can autograph copies as soon as he has set up the projector and following the presentation for as long as folks stick around.

Audio-Visual Considerations

John brings his own projector, laptop, and music system to many events, but if your venue has a good quality projector and sound system, he will just plug your VGA cable and audio jack into his laptop. You must provide the screen. For John’s gear, all you need is a small table for projector and laptop. The table should be low to the floor, about 2 feet high and 3 feet wide. For less than 100 people attending, the screen needs to be at least 6 feet-square, otherwise, at least 8 feet-square, but the bigger the better to display his images! Landscape 9:16 format digital screens do not work well, unless they are quite large, given that some of John’s images are vertical format. If your event includes a meal serving, John prefers not to begin the program until after dessert has been served when commotion has ended and folks can enjoy the show. (Plus, John loves dessert and refuses to start the show until he’s consumed one or more!)

Promotion of the Event

We expect you to promote the event as best you can. John enjoys talking about his projects, usually involving an environmental or humanitarian issue, and showing his photographs to as many people as possible. Again, he does not charge a speaking fee to non-profits and hopes that you will reciprocate by aggressively promoting the event. If your event is not open to the public, we hope you can attract a high percentage of your group’s membership.

If it is a public presentation, we hope that you will beseech your local media to promote the event either with public service announcements, or better yet, with a front page story about John, the project, and the event. We are happy to provide you press releases and John’s biography, and high resolution photographs of John, of book covers, and images from the show/book. John is always available to do interviews by phone with the media prior to the event. You may contact John directly for press materials.

It is important that you say in your promotion that many of John’s books and calendars will be available for sale and that John will be autographing them. That way people will already be thinking about for whom they want to purchase gifts and have their credit cards armed for big business! You may also encourage people to bring books previously purchased.

Thank you for inviting John to your community and your event….we are very appreciative of the opportunity to meet you and your group, and to share photographs and discuss issues important to the future of our most beautiful of states, Colorado!